Here’s my handy 12 step guide on how to save time with the new SmartShop app at Sainsbury’s

1. Remove your gloves. Don’t put them in your bag which you are about to fill with shopping. Try and put them in your already bulging pockets.

2. Locate bar code of item with one hand, scan with phone using other hand. Then put item in bag which you are holding in your third hand.

3. Realising item hasn’t scanned because there is no internet connection at back of shop, walk to front of shop, remove item from bag using the hand…

Having discovered Project Red Card, I started thinking about who owns performance data from football matches? And how is it captured and processed, to come up with something useful? Fairly quickly I found myself plotting some maps using freely available data from StatsBomb — but how did I get there?

My first pass map, generated with StatsBomb

It’s funny where browsing can lead you. I was Googling Russell Slade, one of our old managers at Brighton and Hove Albion, and came across something he’s involved in called Project Red Card. This is an action group which argues that under UK and EU data protection laws, players’ performance data is actually personal data, which requires players’ explicit consent for clubs and leagues to use. The argument is that this consent may not yet been given, and that ownership by clubs and leagues has just been assumed.

Who owns player data?

Of course, the counter argument is that players’ performance data is not…

Based on my experiences in last 12 months of finding the right agencies for clients, as well as work done for an online product business

I’ve broken these notes into two main sections, with some random notes at the end. These notes cover what I’ve seen in terms of project management as part of running my supplier selection process, as well as the consultancy work I’ve done in-house for clients.

Clients and agencies

By the time I’ve helped a client get down to the last 2–3 agencies to chose as a supplier, we’re most often in a situation where there’s little doubt about each agency’s technical capabilities.

What then differentiates beyond this point often comes down to how comfortable the client feels that each agency will make best…

A screengrab of part of Matomo’s dashboard

I started exploring Matomo on 11th December 2020, and will continue to update these notes as I go. I’ve been looking at Matomo as an alternative to Google Analytics and Tag Manager, as well as an open source solution for harvesting cookie-free web stats.

I am working on the basis that as the EU Cookie law (or whatever replaces it in the UK) is not the same as GDPR regulations, that I can collect webstats without an opt-in providing I am not collecting or processing personal data as a result. …

From The Jitsi team on a morning stand up

Here’s the tl;dr. End to end, if you’re fairly quick at setting up instances on whatever you use for Linux servers, then you can rip through all of this fairly quickly. The four main steps are as follows:-

1. Set up an instance on AWS and prepare to install Jitsi Meet.

2. Before you run the actual install command in the above tutorial, refer to this Jitsi community post if you want to set up a lobby/waiting rooms.

3. To allow only admins to initiate a room take a look at this from Cross Talk Solutions. …

Chomolungma, from base camp one, in the Kingdom of Tibet

How easy would it be to kick over an egg-cup full of water? Pretty easy. We all know lots of people who could do that.

In a business team you might have a range of tasks that need doing, that for people with the right skills, are also of similar simplicity. And customers who are paying you, because of how effortlessly you can do that.

But what if all those egg-cups full of water are sitting at the top of a tall mountain? You may still have five or six people that can kick them over. …

Sit on mower —

Many years ago, I used to mow grass for East Sussex County Council (ESCC). Not on the council’s patch though. We used to mow the grass of Hastings Borough Council, ESCC having won that work through a bidding process.

In around 2013, over 20 years later, my agency, Miggle, had just finished helping Brighton & Hove City Council (BHCC) build its first Drupal 7 website.

I’d been wanting to do something with distributing Linux Mint for a while, because think it’s a great way to repurpose hardware, in stark contrast to the throwaway culture we live in.

I’d tried and failed a few times with Linux in the past. I’ve always wanted to have a Linux laptop as my main machine — but usually found there was some blocker, with something key I was unable to do. However, having now used Mint since Oct 2019, I’m yet to find any significant issues since my last foray into the world of open source operating systems. …

As a sole trader, or as owner of a modern small or micro business you’ll want to be getting the most possible out of online technologies.

The overarching strategy

I think it’s important, especially in the early days, to not spend too much time deliberating over what to use for the various areas you need to cover. Ultimately, your products and services are what differentiates you. Even if you are a technology business, you are probably not in the business of competing with the providers of the tools listed below; these are not areas where you need to do something radically different. So, I think you can afford to take a ’safety in numbers’ approach and follow the crowd in terms of using tried and tested solutions.

Sure, as…

Alick at Miggle One

Managing the change

Back in May 2017 I decided to stop running Miggle as a web development agency. I told my team in September 2017 and my clients, to whom I said I would support up till end of August 2018, soon after. In January 2018, on our 11th birthday, I made a wider announcement and explained the rationale behind it in more detail.

The relaunch today of miggle as marks the end of what has been a successful journey through change. Key points along the way were as follows:-

I had a great team, and so the various organisations who were…


Dad and Husband who loves the great outdoors. Own @miggle, digital product management consultancy.

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