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  • Ken Wiafe

    Ken Wiafe

    Product Manager | UX designer | Pro DJ

  • Chris Brown

    Chris Brown

    Staff Engineer at Tempux Ex

  • Shubbankar Singh

    Shubbankar Singh

    Connecting things to create new scalable value for others | Write about telecom, SaaS, startups, innovation, tech, and mental health | https://linktr.ee/shubbzz

  • Piotr Czyk

    Piotr Czyk

  • Paul Driver

    Paul Driver

  • GreenShoot Labs

    GreenShoot Labs

    GreenShoot Labs is an applied AI agency. We use conversational interfaces, data and automation to build intelligent services.

  • Cats Don't Like Couscous

    Cats Don't Like Couscous

  • George Boobyer

    George Boobyer

    From arid systems to sysadmin, Shūkōkai to cli, Vax to Debian, Delphi to Drupal - poet to father - imposter on many islands - a mile away and I have his shoes.

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