The new miggle website

I’ve replaced our web site with a chatbot

Last Thursday I had the sudden idea to replace our website with a chatbot, and by Monday morning, the change was live.

The process

The whole process took me 19 hours. So far it’s cost me €50 for my first months subscription. I’ve got the chatbot embedded in a page published via GitPages, so that bit is costing me nothing. And I’m pointing my domain at it via a free Cloudflare account using a free SSL. This version of our website is the fifth iteration of the miggle site since we started in 2007, and other than the first one, is the only one I’ve done end to end myself. It’s certainly the iteration which has taken the least amount of time.

Why did I do this?




Given the reasons I’ve stated here as to why we are exiting the web development market, the irony isn’t lost on me that I’ve replaced my website for 19 hours work and €50 a month!

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