Raising awareness of speeding in Hassocks

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I’m looking to form a group of volunteers who will be trained, insured and supplied with equipment in order to monitor, report and raise awareness of speeding in the village.

My name is Alick Mighall. I’ve been living in Keymer for seven years and have three primary school aged children who attend the village schools.

What is Community Speedwatch (CSW)?

CSW is a national initiative where active members of local communities join with the support of the Police to monitor speeds of vehicles using speed detection devices.

How will the Hassocks Speedwatch Group work?

The Hassocks Speedwatch Group would be made up of a co-ordinator (which would be myself) and a number of operators (six at a minimum). Working in pairs, we’ll monitor and log vehicles travelling at excessive speed along certain key areas which have been identified.

What areas have been identified at present?

This is very much down for us to determine as a group. Like me, your reason for volunteering may be because you are concerned about speeding in your immediate locale. For me those areas are:-

What level of commitment is required by volunteers?

● Initial registration and training will take 30–45 mins

How are volunteers registered and trained?

In the first instance, those interested in volunteering need to register as an operator on the CSW website for the Hassocks group. To find it select Sussex, then Mid Sussex, then Hassocks — Hassocks Speedwatch Group.

Need more information at this stage? Or have questions or concerns?

Feel free to contact me in the first instance on alickmighall@yahoo.co.uk

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