Thanks for the comment Alan, I think that would be interesting to look at. For me, it’s always been about, this looks exciting, I want to get stuck in and find out more. With varying results!

The opportunity with altcoins has been a good one in that it’s a decent digital learning opportunity alongside a chance to invest. On that latter point, good investments for me have always been based on looking at where I might put a small amount of money (i.e limit my risk) where I might make more than 10%. I actually think I am quite risk averse.

Re your suggestion, my first bunch of YHOO options had their strike price set in Sept 1999. I think they closed 1999 not far off $500. On that basis the paper worth of my altcoin profits (given my current investment is actually zero, but for a while would have been 1% max) compared to my paper wealth then is about 2%. However, I never realised more than 2% of that paper wealth as those options were underwater until at least 2005/6.

My best options came after the bubble burst because at that point YHOO we’re trying to incentivise people to stay for the longer term, having lost a lot of the early employees who had done well and moved on. So, if it were anything it would be the gains I made after the crash that have allowed me to speculate now. In reality it’s more to do with having benefited from the UKs only remaining ‘industry’, the one whereby we buy and sell houses from each other creating a dangerously over heated and unfair housing market.

I certainly expect that when this bubble bursts (i.e tumbles 80%+) then would be the time to invest again.

Which blockchain based businesses and products do you think are worth looking at? And to what extent do you think Bitcoin will still be the defining blockchain vehicle in say 12 months and five years time?

Dad and Husband who loves the great outdoors. Own @miggle, digital product management consultancy.

Dad and Husband who loves the great outdoors. Own @miggle, digital product management consultancy.